Site Selection

Location is the key to retail success. Our professional lease negotiators maintain close contact with major regional mall and power center developers across the nation to help assure you prime locations. Our goal is to assist you in negotiating the most favorable terms possible in the best markets available. Because we have developed and managed many of the retail centers in which current Scrambler Marie's locations are now operating, we are experienced with both sides of the retail leasing table.


Your store will have a light and bright but cozy appearance. Our field construction managers will ease the burden of meeting the design specifications and local regulations. Warm inviting colors, tall, airy ceilings, and lush greenery will make your store a feast for the eyes as well as the palate.


While your store is in its final construction stages, you or your new manager will be attending our comprehensive training program designed specifically for our franchisees. Your training will take place at one of our corporate restaurants , where you will learn our operational procedures, merchandising techniques, systems training, register operation, payroll management, inventory control and other skills in a real working environment to make your new career as successful and personally rewarding as possible.

Ongoing Support

Once you open for business, we will continue to assist by providing experienced trainers the first week you are open to help integrate all the skills you learned at our training center and further assist in training your employees. As your sales and business expertise grows, so will your support needs, and a representative will always be only a phone call away to help you solve any problems.


We will help you develop a local marketing budget and will provide guidance to help you get the most sales from your marketing activities. In addition we will provide an ongoing program of marketing and advertising properties such as in-store signage materials, flyers, coupons, ad slicks, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What makes this opportunity unique?
A. What really sets Scrambler Marie's apart is the fantastic lifestyle it affords us. Because our operation is only open from 6:30 am to 3:00 pm everyday, we spend every evening enjoying the rewards of our hard work. That's right - no alcohol, no middle of the night closing shifts, no double shifts and missed dinners at home .

Q. How much will it cost me to get my franchise up and running?
A. Your per-unit initial investment consists of the franchise fee, the equipment package, lease-hold improvements, and other items you will need to buy or lease. One of our franchise representatives can assist you in developing a budget appropriate to the type of store you intend to open.

Q. What are the financial requirements to qualify for a Scrambler Marie's franchise?
A. A minimum individual or group net worth of $500,000 and $100,000 in liquid reserves.

Q. How do I select a location?
A. Our staff is available for consultation, and we will send a representative to help you decide if the site is appropriate. However, your own experience in your area and your diligence in tracking down leads for an optimal location are critical to your initial success.

Q. How long does my franchise last?
A. The initial franchise agreement is for a term of ten (10) years, with an option to renew.

Q. What size will my store be?
A. Preferred restaurant size is 3300 sq ft. Sites should not be considered that consist of less than 3,000 sq. ft.   nor sites more than 3600 sq ft.  Every location is unique and will need to be custom designed to fit the foot print that is available. A simple rule of thumb is that the front of the house will consist of 2/3 and the back of the house will consist of 1/3 of the available space. Architects input will be coordinated with the Scrambler Marie’s Development input to maximize the facility layout. In order to achieve maximum seating goals, seating goals should be 150 seats.  Outside patio is desired regardless of climate, rectangular space is preferred but irregular shapes will be accommodated, a minimum 40 foot store frontage is preferred.

Q. What is the royalty fee?
A. 4% of your Scrambler Marie's gross sales excluding sales tax, is due monthly.

Q. What are the hours of operation?
A. We operate from 6:30 am to 3:00 pm every day of the week.

Q. What kind of training is provided by Scrambler Marie's Franchise Development LLC?
A. Initial training will be held at one of our corporate restaurants and last from one to two weeks. You will be trained in all areas of franchise operation: equipment layout, inventory control, bookkeeping and accounting, personnel policies, advertising, equipment maintenance, promotional methods, quality control and all operational techniques. After completion of the training program, we will guide you along the "critical path" toward store opening. You and/or your unit manager will work closely with our trainers at your location for a smooth, efficient and successful opening period. The required training is included in your franchise fee. However, you will be responsible for your own expenses for transportation, lodging and meals while attending our training school.

Q. What assistance will I receive in opening my franchise?
A. Our operations representative will guide you through your store opening. In addition, your field service representative will be present to assist you for up to the first five days of operation.

Q. What assistance is available after I open for business?
A. You will receive a complete set of operations manuals to assist you in the daily running of your store. Also, newsletters and personal contact will keep you current on new products, operational improvements and new information on supplies, equipment, federal and state regulations and promotional ideas. Your field representative will visit periodically to consult with you on the operation of your store. He or she will also always be available by phone to answer questions.

Q. Do I receive guidance in purchasing product and supplies?
A. Yes. We have developed a purchasing program through a network of distribution companies which warehouses and distributes all authorized inventory items.

Q. Do you have inventory control and other forms to assist me with my business?
A. Yes. A complete package of necessary business forms is contained in your library of training and operations manuals.

Q. How is advertising handled?
A. Your participation (up to 1% of gross sales) in our National Advertising Association assures ongoing trademark support. You will also be expected to commit an additional 2% for local marketing efforts, as local store marketing is the responsibility of the franchisee. Scrambler Marie's Franchise Development LLC will provide you with in-store marketing materials from time to time for your use.

Q. Approximately how long will it take to get started?
A. Once a site has been agreed upon, construction, training and supplying your new business should take approximately 90 - 120 days.

Q. I am ready to proceed. What is the next step?
A. To assure a priority position in your chosen market, complete the Franchise Application and send it to Scrambler Marie's Franchise Development LLC at 6819 Central Ave., Suite F, Toledo, Ohio, 43617 as soon as possible.

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