If you have always dreamed about creating your own place that would become the neighborhood favorite… If you’re looking for an idea that is efficient and comparatively simple to operate… If you’ve searched for a way to be in the restaurant business for yourself, and still have a life away from work…


Look no further.


Despite the competitiveness of our industry and challenges in our economy, Scrambler Marie’s continues to grow. Many of our locations report same store sales volume records on a frequent basis. As a company we are on pace to again achieve our goals of total sales and profitability records by the end of this fiscal year. Inspired by our success we have steadily increased our corporate base. By constantly being on the lookout for new opportunities to expand and with new sites currently in various stages of completion, we will continue to add several restaurant locations every year. If you are impressed with our food, service, and over all concept, we are always looking for business partners to help us spread the word.


If you would like to learn more about franchising opportunities, here’s how to get started:



          Click here to read more details regarding our franchise system.




          Download a copy of our Franchise Presentation Packet and fill out our Preliminary Franchise Application.




          Send all correspondence to:


               Shain Buerk, President

               Scrambler Marie’s Franchise Development, LLC

               6819 W. Central Ave., Suite F

               Toledo, OH 43617





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